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Kelsey Hightower

DevrelCon San Francisco 2019

DevRelCon London 2019:

The fifth edition of DevRelCon London focuses on how developer relations, developer marketing, community management, and developer experience can learn from each other and from other disciplines.

This year, we’re adding dedicated documentation and community tracks alongside developer relations, developer community, and developer marketing.

Everyone participating in DevRelCon agrees to abide by our code of conduct.

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The amazing speakers at DevRelCon London 2019.


Developer relations, developer experience, and developer marketing training.

Join us on December 9th in London for a day’s training covering developer relations strategy, developer experience, and developer community.

You’ll learn from well known expert dev rel trainers, with a choice of modules so that you can hone the specific skills that interest you. Get your training tickets now at the early bird price.

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DevRel Awards

London 2018

DevRel Awards 2019:

The DevRel Awards recognise the very best of developer relations and developer experience.

This year’s awards will take place at DevRelCon London and nominations are open now for awards in:

  • Most welcoming developer community
  • Greatest individual contribution to developer relations
  • Best developer experience
  • Best developer education
  • Best new developer relations programme
  • Best developer relations programme overall.

Last years' winners

  • Campus Experts – Most welcoming developer community
  • Ashley McNamara – Greatest individual contribution to developer relations
  • Sentry Scouts – Best new developer relations programme
  • Nexmo – Best developer relations programme overall



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