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Developer relations
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Kelsey Hightower

DevrelCon San Francisco 2019

DevRelCon London 2019:

The fifth edition of DevRelCon London focuses on how developer relations, developer marketing, community management, and developer experience can learn from each other and from other disciplines.

This year, we’re adding dedicated documentation and community tracks alongside developer relations, developer community, and developer marketing.

Everyone participating in DevRelCon agrees to abide by our code of conduct.

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The amazing speakers at DevRelCon London 2019.


What’s on and when.

MongoDB Room






Make the most of DevRelCon

Avery Rosen (MongoDB)


Design thinking methodology: how do you design programs for diversity?

Elisha Tan


The grand unifying dev rel theory

Steve Pousty

coffee icon10:30 – Break 1

MongoDB Room

Twitter Room

Spotify Room

Dev rel strategy

Day to day dev rel



From enterprise to start-up

Phil Leggetter

I messed up and they are going to fire me!

David G. Simmons

Inspiring and empowering users and techies to become great writers, and why that’s important

Jo Cook


Operator disconnected: is developer relations forgetting the people who run the software in production?

Luke Kilpack and Max Lavi

Ultimate cheat codes for happier travel

Alyss Noland

GitHub is your documentation landing page

Lorna Jane Mitchell


Don’t create, re-use! How to repurpose a common business metric for your team’s success

Mary Thengvall

Planning your dev rel career

Jessica Rose

Docs as engineering: an intro to developer experience engineering

Cristiano Betta


Get executive buy-in …. or else

Jessica West

Scaling adoption with developer targeted video content

Carl Callewaert

From bits & docs to experiences & publishing: modernizing Red Hat’s enterprise developer program

Joe Schram

lunch icon12:55 – Lunch

MongoDB Room


Welcome back


Twitter API: story of a new beginning

Aurelia Specker (Twitter)


How to scale a developer relations team

Uttam Tripathi

MongoDB Room

Twitter Room

Spotify Room

Dev rel strategy

Developer outreach



Dev rel and enterprise: when developers are not buyers

Shy Ruparel

The art of story design

Melinda Seckington

A11y pal(ly): crafting universally good docs

Sangeetha Alagappan


Who? Where? Why? Using data to understand your audience.

Andreas Constantinou

How to rock a technical keynote

Avery Rosen

Empathy flavoured docs: A recipe with human values

Vishwa Mehta

coffee icon15:35 – Break 2


Measuring dev rel programs far beyond marketing activities

Ana Jiménez Santamaría

How to get the most from running hackathons

Kevin Lewis

Documentation tooling the open source way

Ankit Gadgil


Communities aren’t funnels: try the Orbit Model instead

Josh Dzielak

Using external events to bolster internal community building

Alison Yu

Commit messages vs. release notes: they’re important, they’re not the same, and they’re not for you

Eva Parish

MongoDB Room


Dogfooding developer products: gathering insights from internal hackathons

Josh Brown (Spotify)


Engaging 9 year old software developers

Max Kahan


Passion … like magnets, it can attract or repel

Baruch Sadogursky


Open Source is Broken

Don Goodman Wilson


Day 1 closing remarks


Reception at QEII, sponsored by:

MongoDB Room






Why corporate dev rel teams must act like a startup

Mo Haghighi (IBM)


Mental health and wellbeing in online communities

Darren Gough and Dr. Richard Graham

MongoDB Room

Twitter Room

Spotify Room

Community management

Developer experience

New ways of thinking about dev rel


Help, I’m taking over an award-winning developer program!

Lieke Boon

The value of being told you suck

Hamza Alam

How dev rel is failing communites

Florian Gilcher

coffee icon10:40 – Break 1


Mentored sprints for diverse beginners: a retrospective and future plans

Tania Allard

How to embed UX thinking in your next API

Steph Shin

Thoughtful tech: how far does your ethical responsibility stretch for the tech your devs create?

Caroline Lewko and Adelina Chalmers


How to capture community relationships as a dev rel professional, without being “creepy” about it

Sarah Thiam

Guide to crowdsourcing code samples

Richard Thomchick

Supporting low resource regions with your dev rel strategy

Daniel Madalitso Phiri


#include <C++> – lessons learned creating an inclusive space in a decades-old community

Sy Brand

Developers love webhooks, you should too

Nicolas Grenié

Green developer relations

Asim Hussain

lunch icon12:35 – Lunch

MongoDB Room


Welcome back


Enhancing developer relations with AR

Nikita Jotwani (Bose AR)


Managing the burnout burndown

Anjuan Simmons

MongoDB room

Twitter room

Spotify room

Community management

Developer experience

Unconf sessions


Communities of practice – crafting the brand

Alex Radu

Approaching dev rel as an educator: creating content that invites your users to learn

Kassian Wren

Common pitfalls & labyrinths: a dev rel choose your own adventure” moderated by Jeremy Meiss, Mary Thengvall and Rain Leander

Topic to be set


Don’t ship your community without C.A.R.G.O

Adrian Speyer

Empathy for the developer – making 22 year olds love 26 year old software

Olja Rastic-Dulborough

coffee icon15:30 – Break 2


Going global by staying local

Margriet Groenendijk and Sean Tracey

The hero’s journey: how we are solving internal technical documentation at Spotify

Gary Niemen



MongoDB Room


How not to do a startup

Joe Drumgoole (MongoDB)



Conference closing remarks


Karaoke party (location to be announced at event). Sponsored by Bose AR


Developer relations, developer experience, and developer marketing training.

Join us on December 9th in London for a day’s training covering developer relations strategy, developer experience, and developer community.

You’ll learn from well known expert dev rel trainers, with a choice of modules so that you can hone the specific skills that interest you. Get your training tickets now at the early bird price.

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Schedule - AM

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Developer Experience

Cristiano Betta and Alyss Noland

Cristiano is a senior Developer Advocate and Developer Experience designer at Box.

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Developer community

Matthew Revell

Whether you’re responsible for a mature developer community or you’re starting out with something brand new, it can seem as though there’s no roadmap to help you decide what to do and when.

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Metrics and goals

Mary Thengvall

How do you know the work you’re doing is having an impact on the business?

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Lunch provided

Schedule - PM

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Social media for dev rel

Joe Nash

Social media, in all its forms, plays an important role in how developers learn, socialise, and progress their careers.

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User and market research

Carla Teixeira

How can you give your developer relations and developer experience a basis in fact?

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DevRel Awards

London 2018

DevRel Awards 2019:

The DevRel Awards recognise the very best of developer relations and developer experience.

This year’s awards will take place at DevRelCon London and nominations are open now for awards in:

  • Most welcoming developer community
  • Greatest individual contribution to developer relations
  • Best developer experience
  • Best developer education
  • Best new developer relations programme
  • Best developer relations programme overall.

Last years' winners

  • Campus Experts – Most welcoming developer community
  • Ashley McNamara – Greatest individual contribution to developer relations
  • Sentry Scouts – Best new developer relations programme
  • Nexmo – Best developer relations programme overall



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