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The Geek Whisperer

Adelina Chalmers is known as The Geek Whisperer because she breaks down barriers between tech teams and leadership, and delivers soft skills to developers and engineers in a way that is easy and practical for them to apply the techniques in their next meeting. Adelina is Geek Whisperer in Residence at Arm, where she writes articles and delivers webinars on topics such as: “Unappreciated for being honest, how to tell them it won’t work” or “When both engineers are right, who is “more” right?”, or “The Company Culture Reality Check – What You Say Your Values Are and What Your Staff Experience Are Often Two Different Things

Thoughtful Tech: Ethical Responsibility and Effective Communication

MAX 737, Volkswagen Emissionsgate, Superhuman email tracker – unethical and unsafe use of your technology could easily happen. Does your community think about real-world implications of the tech they develop? It is a moral/ethical issue, one of foresight or simply culture and communications? Can devrel play a key role in preventing unethical and unsafe use of the tech that is developed? What can you do to empower your developers to be thoughtful about the moral and safety implications of the technology they create?

It often take one person to stand up and say “NO – that is not going to work, that is not right, let’s not build that” and many others to LISTEN. But how do you do that?

In the first part  of the session Caroline Lewko will review the issues and provide some advice about setting values and culture in organizations. Then, Adelina Chalmers, The Geek WhispererⓇ will provide practical examples of  how developers (and YOU)  can influence upstream, to effectively communicate to leadership.


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