Alex Radu

Software Engineer & Community Manager

JP Morgan Chase & Co

Best known as lover of unicorns and all things magical, including data, design and code, Alex works at JPMC as a software engineer and community manager in Bournemouth and is currently following an MSc Computer Science at the University of Bath.

Her current role includes looking after over 1300 technologists and growing the location’s communities of practice. Previously she was at King Digital Entertainment and makers of Candy Crush in Barcelona.

Communities of practice – Crafting the brand

Have you wondered why people feel disconnected from their organization?

Sometimes, it is due to a lack of community and belonging. If you want to engage your members or employees and accelerate your organisations, one of the (best) ways to do it is through communities of practice. They focus on sharing of all kind, from knowledge, skills, support to opportunities and advice.

During this session, we will look at how holistic brand management in your communities can have a big effect on how successful and long-lived they are, followed by practical examples of how to build it to support them.


Twitter: @AlexandraMMR;

LinkedIn /maradu

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