Alyss Noland

Senior Developer Advocate


Alyss Noland is a developer advocate at Box. In her past life, she moved from sales engineering into developer relations, to product marketing. She has flown standby (and periodically slept in airports) for over twenty years. She once drove 200 miles to retrieve a suitcase that made it on a plane without her.

Ultimate cheat codes for happier travel

How’s your travel calendar looking these days? For friends and family, traveling for work seems great. You get to go places for free! In reality, you’re living out of a suitcase, you have strong opinions on the best carry-on backpack, and you’ve probably replaced all your toiletries with products in travel sizes.

You’re already spending weeks or months away from home. Each incremental improvement to your travel strategy (yes, it is a strategy) means a world of difference in your quality of life.

In this talk, I want to help you add joy back to your endless travel routine. You’ll learn how to stay hydrated through Sahara-like plane environments, get better sleep while on the road, and stare-down airline difficulties without fear.


Twitter: preciselyalyss

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