Ana Jiménez Santamaria

Software Marketing Specialist


Ana is currently working at Bitergia, a Software Development Analytics firm specialized in Open Source and InnerSource projects, while studying for her master’s in Data Science.  As a software marketing specialist and data nerd, Ana is really interested in Open Source and community metrics.

When she isn’t glued to a computer working on content strategy, Ana spends her time gaming, illustrating and learning Japanese. She has been a speaker at some international conferences such as CHAOSSCon Brussels, DevRelCon Tokyo, OpenInfraDays London or Innersource Commons Summit.

Measuring DevRel programs far beyond marketing activities

Outreach and marketing activities (e.g events, documentation, trainings) might be the most visible part of developer relations. At that point, there are indeed good tooling and well defined metrics. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and is time to face that DevRel activities go far beyond this. What about the other DevRel activities, such as community, product and support? Are we measuring DevRel programs in the right way?

During this talk, Ana Jimenez will share a list of useful metrics and KPIs for DevRel programs, showing different ways to measure developer engagement, developer acquisition and developer satisfaction.


Twitter: @anajsana95

LinkedIn: ana-jiménez-santamaría

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