Avery Rosen

Head of Engineering Communications


Avery Prometheus Rosen is the Head of Engineering Communications at MongoDB, leading development of MongoDB’s technical executive presentations, as well as the sample applications that demonstrate MongoDB’s technology in use. Avery is also the editor-in-chief of MongoDB’s engineering blog.

Before he found a way to leverage his creative education in the tech world, Avery was a sysadmin at Panix (the third ISP in the world), a software engineer at DoubleClick, and the CTO of ShopWiki (a global comparison shopping search engine). When not geeking out about storytelling or engineering, Avery enjoys 2-wheeled travel, RPGs, and spending time with his cat.

How to rock a technical keynote

A keynote is a specialized talk that acts as a thematic and narrative anchor for an event, providing context and thought leadership, and generating excitement. A good keynote elevates an entire event; a bad one drags it down. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for this high-value opportunity to be squandered on a “meh” performance. But anyone can deliver a great keynote if they use the right process, even if they don’t think of themselves as a good speaker.

Avery has built and produced over 30 keynotes for MongoDB’s technical conferences since 2015. His method for making polished and impactful keynotes incorporates live demos and weaves product announcements into a coherent narrative. It is an agile process with five phases: Ideation, Composition, Slidecraft, Rehearsal, and Production.

You will learn this methodology by example, including a selection of concrete tools and techniques for each phase. Additionally, you will learn what makes a product update/roadmap keynote so special, how to incorporate live software demos, and how to make sure a production crew gets everything right when it’s go time.


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