Cristiano Betta

Senior Developer Advocate


Cristiano is a senior Developer Advocate and Developer Experience designer at Box.

He likes to look at great developer onboarding flows, analyzing and documenting the best practices and pitfalls of common design practices. Although he has over 15 years of development experience he believes that at the core we’re all beginners at some things, and documentation and onboarding should reflect that notion.

In the past he has worked as a contractor, startup founder, event organizer, and developer advocate at Braintree/PayPal.

Docs as Engineering: An intro to Developer Experience Engineering

This year Box has invested heavily in Developer Experience Engineering and as part of this they’ve taken the Docs as Code principle to its extreme. They’re not just writing docs as if it is code: they’re also repurposing every bit they write to maximize the output – using it as input into new DXE solutions.

In this talk, Cristiano Betta, senior developer advocate at Box outlines the need to rethink documentation from content to an engineering project. This talk will outline the core principles of a great engineering project, and how they can translate to a documentation project in order to increase output and limit documentation debt. Along the way we’ll examine lessons learned from rebuilding the Box developer documentation, Postman collection, CLI, and SDKs.


Twitter: cbetta

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