Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Daniel Madalitso Phiri is a Developer Relations Engineer, Lorde stan and Community Builder.

Besides his almost unhealthy obsession with music, he is passionate about the positive change code can bring about in peoples lives and channels this passion to his work with DevCon Zambia and Synrgst.

Supporting Low Resource Regions with your Dev Rel Strategy

The talk covers how companies and their advocates can have a more authentic and genuine impact in low resource regions. It also aims to reinforce the idea that throwing money and swag at things isn’t always the best approach to help low resource regions. We usually see two types of companies, ones that throw money at the communities to try and get value and some that take the time build actual relationships with these communities. The latter usually get more value from their relationship with the community.


Twitter: @malgamves

LinkedIn: /malgamves

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