David G. Simmons

Senior IoT Dev Evangelist


David is the Senior IoT Developer Evangelist at InfluxData, helping developers around the globe manage the streams of data that their devices produce. He helped to develop the very first IoT Developer Platform before “IoT” was even ‘a thing.’

I messed up and I’m going to get fired

We all make mistakes. It’s what we, as humans, do. Some make more, some make fewer. But we all make them. It’s how we handle those mistakes that differentiates us. As DevRels, we often live very public lives. We go to lots of conferences. So when we make a mistake, it can be extremely public in nature, and often embarrassing.

We will explore the transformative nature of owning our mistakes and how it can make us better people, and ultimately better DevRels. How it can generate compassion for us, but also help us to feel more compassion for members of our communities. I will publicly embarrass myself yet again, and who doesn’t want to see that?


Twitter: @davidgsIoT

Website: davidgs.com

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