Elisha Tan



Elisha is passionate about bringing people together to solve important problems and she builds developer communities for fun and profit.
She founded TechLadies – a non-profit community for women to learn technical skills to switch careers into the tech industry. TechLadies has over 3000 members across Asia, conducted programming workshops to hundreds of ladies in Singapore and Malaysia that saw tens of them (without any prior programming background) received technical internships or software engineering roles.
Elisha enjoys sharing her experiences in tech and the lessons learned. She was featured on various print and online media, and has spoken internationally about her experiences in tech at IWD by Jobs for New South Wales Australia, PyCon Thailand, Slush Singapore, and RubyConf Malaysia to name a few.

Design Thinking: How do you design developer programs?

Tech talks, hackathons, webinars, workshops… With so many ways to engage with developers, how do you decide on how and what to do in order to achieve specific goals? In this talk, I will share a people-centric process (inspired by the design thinking methodology) to creating developer programs that I’ve developed over the years building communities in Asia. I will walk you through this methodology through the lens of designing programs aimed at increasing gender diversity in tech.
You will walk away with a framework to start thinking about how you can design developer programs for fun and profit.



Linkedin: /elishatan/

Facebook: /elishatan

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