Hamza Alam

Developer Advocate


Hamza is a developer advocate at Twitter. He supports developers, builds documentation, manages CSAT, and recently spoke at NASA about bots and getting started with developer docs.

He believes in spreading kindness and is passionate about making opportunities more accessible for underrepresented POC in tech. In Hamza’s spare time he removes cat hair (from his 3 cats) from his clothes and Tweets about Jira grievances.

The value of being told you suck

I’m here to tell you that everything “sucks” to someone. But guess what? That’s not a bad thing. About a year ago I implemented a customer satisfaction (CSAT) button on all of Twitter’s developer docs to measure the experience developers visiting our pages had.

I’ll walk you through the process of how I created the Twitter developer CSAT process, from the early-mid-end stages of putting together the CSAT button late last year, to understanding how the DevRel team reacted to the raw data we got back. Since implementing the CSAT and using this data, we listened to all the feedback and responded by making doc changes and updates.

Each quarter our documentations CSAT score has increased from these changes, and by continuously doing this we’ve seen an upward trend in our score. As the data shows, listening to developer feedback and acting on it is the best way to let them know we are here for them. Opening ourselves up for developer feedback instills humility in our relationship with the developer community that chooses to build with our APIs.


Twitter: @oiHamza

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