Joe Schram

Principal Product Marketing Manager for Developer Program

Red Hat

Joe is a humanist who is always thinking about people, product, and how teams work. He works at Red Hat in the Developer Group, focused on digital experiences for member developers as the product manager for

A former designer, technologist, and agency-owner turned product manager, Joe heard someone say once that life boils down to three things: `be kind`, `pay close attention`, and `everything is connected`. Those make good sense.

Bits & Docs to Experiences & Publishing: Modernizing Red Hat’s enterprise developer program

Many devrel stories are about startups, early-stage growth, and the initial work required to join or create a community of developers. What’s not often discussed is: how to reorient and revitalize an existing developer program that needs a fresh direction. Red Hat has been a pioneer in the open-source development model since its founding 25 years ago. In that time, the technology marketplace and devrel landscape have changed dramatically, leaving Red Hat with low affinity among enterprise software developers.

This talk will cover how a small team took Red Hat’s existing developer program, brought it back to core principals, changed the content mix, raised member engagement, and started the process of building up the institutional behaviors needed to put downstream developers back in the spotlight across the company.

In this talk, you’ll walk away with a cheat sheet on how to examine your existing, in-progress program, articulate core values, recalibrate marketing, address operational and ecosystem hurdles, and barnstorm internally to rejuvenate your company’s passion for the technologists and makers who use and build on their products.


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