Lieke Boon

Manager GitHub Education


Lieke is the Manager Higher Education at GitHub Education, and she is overseeing the GitHub Campus Experts program.

She is an advocate for digital skills for all, and she is committed to lowering the barrier into tech and making the world a better place through technology. In her free time, Lieke is busy spamming her friends with pictures of her Vizsla.

Help, I’m taking over an award-winning dev rel program!

Many talks about dev rel programs focus on how to start a program from scratch. It is undoubtedly challenging to figure out where to begin, but what if you’re asked to take over an existing program? And what if this program is award-winning?

In this session, I will dive into the experience of adopting an already living community (GitHub Campus Experts) and what I did to maintain the community experience as that happened.

How do you live up to expectations? How do you gain the trust of your community? What if you feel like an imposter? This talk will cover all these topics to help you take over (new) programs with confidence. And you might not expect it, but there are actually plenty of benefits when it comes to running an existing & successful program.

This presentation will give (future) program managers tips & tricks to handle everything that comes their way with confidence.


Twitter: Lieke2208

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