Luke Kilpatrick

Senior Manager of DevOps Marketing


Luke Kilpatrick started as web site developer in 1996, transitioning to managing technology communities in 2007.

In 2010 Luke moved to marketing program management as his full time role on VMware’s social media marketing team. 2012 saw Luke at Sencha working in developer relations programs as well as focused social media, speaking at events around the world. Since 2014 Luke managed Atlassian’s ecosystem developer events and programs bringing hundreds of new apps to their marketplace.

In 2018 Luke has joined Nutanix to bring an engaging experience to developers using their new PaaS and REST APIs.

Operator disconnected: is developer relations forgetting the people who run the software in production?

Developer Relations is an evolving field and can be affected by industry shifts. The world is rapidly moving to cloud developers and they are being asked to run what they build, meanwhile the operators are writing more code to automate business. Is your developer relations program expanding to these audiences, how are operators and developers different, and can your team handle DevOps culture?

Hear from Nutanix’s Luke Kilpatrick, Senior Manager of DevOps Marketing and Mark Lavi Principal DevOps Advocate on how to add operators into your developer relation programs pipeline and expand and bring DevOps to all.


Twitter: @lkilpatrick

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