Margriet Groenendijk

Developer Advocate for Data Science and AI


Margriet is a Developer Advocate for Data Science and AI at IBM. As a Data Scientist she has a passion for exploring different ways to work with and understand diverse data by using open-source tools. She is active in developer communities through attending, presenting and organising meetups.

She has a background as a climate scientist researching large observational datasets of carbon uptake by forests and the output of global scale weather and climate models.

Going global by staying local

The best way to get developers use your platform is by getting their hands dirty and try it out. In 2017 we started building a developer community in London, which has now grown to 17k developers across the UK. Here is our story and guiding principles about how we got there and how we are rolling out our approach across the world.


Twitter: @MargrietGr
LinkedIn: /margrietgroenendijk/

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