Max Kahan

Software Engineer


After a career direction change from Theoretical Physics into the fast-paced world of software, Max joined IBM MQ’s Developer Experience team. He writes code, demos and other assets to help new developers engage with enterprise messaging in intuitive ways. Away from his day job, Max teaches swing dance and performs at open mics as a rapper and guitarist.

Engaging 9-Year-Old Software Developers

Ever had problems getting a developer engaged with some legacy technology they’ve been asked to use? We found (shockingly) that people don’t like to read reams of reference material when what they really love is to write code.
I wrote an extension for the children’s programming language Scratch to show people just how simple enterprise messaging can be to use. I want to share the value we’ve gained from using an unconventional outreach method so you too can help your developers create great things from very simple components.


Linkedin: /maxkahan


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