Nicki Stone

Technical Evangelist


Nicki brings with her 5 years of experience working in the software industry, first as a self-taught full stack developer, and then as a funded entrepreneur working on an HRTech startup for developers prior to coming to AWS.

She is very passionate about helping developers succeed on AWS and developing apps (especially serverless ones!) using any programming language as she loves learning new languages. In addition to her passion for development, she has a serious matcha addiction and travels to Japan annually to restock her quality matcha supply.

Git Checkout LiveCodingOnTwitch: Building a Dev Rel Presence on Twitch

Nicki, Technical Evangelist at AWS, and Matt, Developer Advocate at Twitch, have been live-streaming programming/coding on Twitch for the last 18 months. In Nicki’s role, she spends the majority of her time streaming on the AWS Twitch channel. She’s been apart of several shows such as Build with AM & Nicki, BootUp (a show about startups on AWS), and a Twitch Dev AWS collab show with a combined reach of ~900K developers with 100 hours of streaming. Matt created TwitchDev Weekly, for the /TwitchDev channel, a series at 2pm ET on Thursdays. It contains episodic content that has established a cadence and increased audience retention for talking with the community. In the first quarter, it surpassed 2018’s minutes watched and number of broadcasts with 150,069 minutes and 21 broadcasts.

Nicki and Matt have collaborated on building a series of episodes walking viewers through the process of building a Twitch Extension on AWS. This included building out all eight episodes, writing a run of show, handling the promotional aspects, branding and analyzing the results. They also teamed up to try a different style entirely where they filmed a two-day hackathon-style stream. The goal here was to build an AI model with AWS Machine Learning to detect Category types of Twitch streams.

Matt will give an overview of Twitch and its potential reach. Nicki will then discuss how to get started streaming, covering both the hardware and software required as well as tips for live coding. They will then spend time talking about folks in the field who are doing this well and share how they got there. After discussing these success stories, the duo will talk about best practices from their experience and share tips and tricks. Lastly, they will focus on talking through how to understand the value of streaming and how to share the results with your broader team.


Twitter: @kneekey23

Linkedin: /nickiklein

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