Nicolas Grenié

Developer advocate


Nicolas gets mainly excited by API Integrations, serverless infrastructures, chatbots, among many other things. He’s currently working as Developer Advocate at Typeform and runs the SF DevRel Meetup.

Developers love webhooks, so should you

Send some data in, get some data out, this is how most developers interact with API nowadays. But as we are making progress to build more API driven products, we tend to forget about the simplest interaction: webhooks.

I believe webhooks should be a central piece of your API strategy. It gives the possibility to be listed on “connectors” apps like Zapier, but also to reduce the friction for developers to integrate.

In this talk, we will go through recommendations to deliver the best Webhook experience inspired by services that are doing it right, both from a technical perspective and from a DX (developer experience) point of view.

Webhooks could be a game-changer in your company’s growth. We will look at the Typeform example and explain how we re-designated our whole experience.


Twitter: @picsoung

Linkedin: /nicolasgrenie

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