Olja Rastic-Dulborough

Software Engineer


Olja Rastic-Dulborough is a multidisciplinary software engineer in the IBM MQ developer experience team in Hursley, UK.
She works on making the 26 year old enterprise messaging software more approachable to developers.
Olja organised several IBM Women in Technology Day events that encourage female students to take up a career in technology and volunteers on the ACM Women Europe Executive Committee.

Empathy for the developer – making 22 year olds love 26 year old software

I will share how we combined a design thinking approach with creating code samples in multiple languages to bridge the gap between the two types of users for our product. In an effort to teach good practices to developers using our messaging software, we went through their pain and tried to do it in five languages.

Easy enough, you say? We had to ‘unpack’ two super rich APIs into our product, one that follows a messaging standard, one through an intricate API created while programming gods were still walking the earth. Our software runs on multiple platforms, our applications are clients, our engines are servers. There are patterns for building architecture for enterprise messaging solutions.

Yet we want our developers not to worry about the messaging side of their apps so they can concentrate fully on the business logic and have a delightful experience.


Twitter @call_me_olya

LinkedIn /oljica

GitHub @oljarast

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