Sangeetha Alagappan

Technical Writer


I’m a technical writer at Google, working on Cloud SDK, Cloud Shell, and Cloud Code. I watch far too much television, should read far more books, and far too invested in product design, typography, and finding the perfect cup of chai.

A11y pal(ly): Crafting universally good docs

Accessibility is an incredibly human discipline. While checklists, automated testing, and quick-witted voice assistants are grand, how do we ensure that developers, with disabilities or otherwise, have a *good* experience with a product’s documentation and UI?

In this whirlwind journey through making your docs inclusive, you’ll learn what accessibility means in the context of documentation and common pitfalls you might encounter, you’ll be regaled with three case studies of how a couple of spritely product teams invested in accessibility (spoiler alert: many good things happened for everybody), and you’ll get a set of principles and best practices to take home with you, so that you may go forth and write, design, and create things that everyone is invited to.


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