Sarah Thiam

Cloud Advocacy Program Manager, Asia Pacific


Sarah is a DevRel program manager from Singapore, as part of an amazing team of Cloud Advocates at Microsoft.

Her DevRel activities are focused on the ultra-diverse Asia Pacific region, where she’s continuously learning about equal representation and inclusiveness across gender, race and sexuality.

Sarah’s prior 4 years’ experience in marketing strategy and ops is a lens she brings to DevRel, to solve ‘programmatic’ VS ‘authentic’.

How to capture community relationships as a dev rel professional, without being “creepy” about it

Community engagement is central to dev rel and as professionals, we maintain a balance between building authentic relationships, while recognizing it as a job. When it comes to capturing these engagements for the business, there are considerations of privacy, authenticity and more.

As a freshie to dev rel programs, this talk will share some of my learnings in the past year, to building appropriate and sensitive programs and processes to capture community engagements.


Twitter: @truckerfling

Linkedin: /sarahthiam


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