Sean Tracey

Developer Advocate


Sean is a Developer Advocate at IBM, largely focussing on the combination AI, IoT, and Cloud Computing technologies.

Sean has spent his career trying to avoid getting ‘proper’ jobs, and as such has had a hand in making a variety of fun and interesting projects, including a singing statue of Lionel Richie, wearable drum kits, chopstick bagpipes, time-telling hats, and a life-sized Elvis Presley robot, to name only a few.

Going global by staying local

The best way to get developers use your platform is by getting their hands dirty and try it out.

In 2017, IBM started building a developer community in London, which has now grown to 17k developers across the UK. Here is their story and guiding principles about how they got there and how they are rolling out their approach across the world.


Twitter: @seanmtracey

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