Tania Allard

Developer Advocate


Tania is a Developer Advocate at Microsoft, where focuses on the open-source, data science, research software, and scientific computing communities.

She has a track record for getting things done and building inclusive and welcoming technical communities. She is passionate about empowering developers of all backgrounds and experience levels through open source and inclusive tools. She is also an advocate for transparent and ethical machine learning and love all things data.

Mentored sprints for diverse beginners: a retrospective and future plans

Open source relies heavily on the community for its sustainability and success. As a result, multiple initiatives aim to bring together community members, developers and open source projects in the form of conference sprints, yearly events (e.g. Hacktoberfest) or unconferences. However, many projects currently struggle to engage with a diverse set of contributors in the long term.
Over the last year and a half, I have been working on running mentored sprints for diverse beginners as conference events and as standalone sprints over the year.
This unique approach has proven very successful, so much that these sprints are becoming a permanent event at PyCon US and PyCon UK and are being adopted by other conferences across the world.
In this talk, I will share my learnings from running this kind of sprints, the logistics behind them, some impact stories, and the plans for the future of the mentored sprints and how you and your community can get involved.


Twitter: @ixek

GitHub: @trallard

Website: www.bitsandchips.me

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