Vishwa Mehta

Technical Writer


Smol Web Developer turned Tech Writer on her DevRel journey. Has major heart eyes for Tech communities and documentation. Newbie conference speaker and React enthusiast. Can quote Whitman and Percy Bysshe Shelley while coding. Favourite yogasana: Nose-in-a-book.

Empathy Flavoured Docs: A Recipe With Human Values

With the tech community moving on from a history of being insensitive, inhuman, biased, racist, ableist, and misrepresented, towards a more human centric, diverse, inclusive, and empathetic outlook, it is time that we reflect this positive change in our tech documentation.

This talk aims to tackle the looming questions of what makes up a good documentation experience and helps overcome the difficulties of writing more inclusive, thoughtful, and empathetic docs. We are all humans and it is important that we see each other exactly that way. It has become the prime requirement of the tech community to add human values to technical documentation and workflows. This includes ensuring the reader does not feel underrepresented, marginalised, isolated, or at the least demotivated.

Documentation kinda works like recipes. And human values are like the binding element in the recipes of our docs. Let’s learn how to infuse them to create the best gourmet docs for our products!


Twitter: @VishwaMehta30
GitHub: @mehtavishwa30
LinkedIn: /vishwa-mehta-483409160/

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